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    Sepp Maier
    How can I use two battery packs?
    Entry posted May 22, 2015 by Sepp MaierNewbie, last edited May 25, 2015 
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    How can I use two battery packs?

    My Scooba 450 doesn't really check battery status, but simply considers a battery to be empty that hasn't been charged recently (programmed in the 60ies?).

    I'd like to use two batteries in order to clean a second room immediately with a second battery without waiting hours while the first battery is recharged.

    Due to its poor battery management, the Scooba insists in a charging cycle every time the battery connection has been interrupted, i.e. even a full battery MUST be charged before you can start the next run.

    Is there any way to work this out??

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    • Jessica Saathoff

      I have the same question.  It takes about four cycles to clean all the floors in my home.  With the 385, I had multiple batteries and one was always on the charger ready to swap out so I could finish all areas of my home without pausing to recharge.  With the 450, that doesn't appear to be an option.  I do one cycle, which is only a quarter of my home, and then I have to let it sit and charge before moving on to another area to clean.  Any ideas on how to clean one area right after another?  I love the scooba, but this is a pretty big design flaw for a $600 appliance!