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    Looj Performance Tips
    Entry posted May 7, 2013 by iRobot InfoNewbie 
    Looj Performance Tips

    For Best Performance

    • Between uses and for long-term storage, keep Looj and Looj battery
    in a cool, dry place and remove the batteries from the robot and remote
    control handle. Do not keep the battery on the charger during storage.

    • Clean and dry Looj after each use.

    • Fully charge the battery before long term storage.

    • For best results, clean your gutters at least once per season. Clean
    regularly in areas where heavy debris collects.

    • For very heavy debris run Looj forward in small increments to remove
    debris more gradually.

    • Use fresh AAA batteries in the remote control handle for maximum range.
    To see helpful operating and maintenance videos of Looj, please visit
    our website: