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    Dennis Heller
    Please Redisign Scooba So It Works
    Entry posted July 24, 2015 by Dennis HellerNewbie 
    Please Redisign Scooba So It Works

    Thank you for sending the survey requesting design improvements to Scooba.  While I appreciate that iRobot is interested in customer input and the competition.  The fact of the matter is that Scooba is its own stiffest competitor because it is a 'Science Fair' project to use and it is not rugged and robust enough for normal everyday use.                           

    This message is to expand on my comment responding to your question regarding recommended design changes to Scooba.

    The main source of problems with Scooba is the tank--most particularly, the dirty water side of the tank.  Because the tank cannot easily be cleaned and cannot be thoroughly cleaned at all, wet organic floor dirt gradually builds up and decays and forms what I call 'the paste of death.'  This leads to unnecessary clogging and poor operation of the whole Scooba unit.  So, the most impactful design changes that I would recommend would be the following:
    1. Redesign the tank so that it can be 'butterflied open' and cleaned in the dishwasher.
    2. Make all surfaces that touch dirty water out of metal instead of plastic.
    The brush and brush sub-assembly can already be cleaned in the dishwasher.  So, I do not see a need to redesign this portion of Scooba.
    The dirty water path through the main drive portion of the Scooba should be shortened and lined with metal.  It should be shaped so that a test tube brush can be used to clean it quickly and easily.  But, this is currently a far smaller problem than the tank.
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