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    Christopher Carlson
    Roomba and home base Issue
    Entry posted June 23, 2016 by Christopher CarlsonNewbie 
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    Roomba and home base Issue

    My Roomba will go to the dock/home base and start charging as indicated by the pulsing amber light and the solid green light that always stays on the HB while Roomba charges. About 3-5 minutes into the charge the green light on the HB will go off (not the power cord that is and always stays solid green) Then a second later Roomba will back up off the doc and try to reposition to no avail. It will no longer connect to the dock and will drain the battery completely trying to find the HB. It knows that the HB is there because it keeps backing up and then repositioning but it stops sensing the contacts. I have to reset Roomba by holding the two buttons down a couple times for it to recognize the base only to just do it again. I no longer use the HB and plug it in directly which defeats the purpose of an important feature... scheduled cleaning. Any one else have this problem? 

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    • Kosta

      Hi Christopher,

      I haven't had this specific problem, but I have noticed that Roomba will sometimes have a hard time finding HB when it's looking for it, even when it's very close by.