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    Counterfeit Roomba supplies on
    Entry posted October 7, 2015 by McGroartyNewbie 
    Counterfeit Roomba supplies on

    Amazon is loaded with counterfeit Roomba supplies. Per the Roomba user manual, use of these will void a Roomba's warranty.

    Is there anything that could be done to clean up the listings, or at least the ones that show "iRobot" as the manufacturer? I know that some software publishers (eg., Adobe) convinced Amazon to stop letting third parties create listings for their products. Maybe iRobot could get Amazon to do likewise for anything showing iRobot as the manufacturer?

    I've been ordering and returning set after set. (Returns are free, thanks to Amazon Prime). So far, the tell tale signs of counterfeit 800 series parts are:

    • Rollers made of thin plastic that's unevenly cut at the edges and doesn't return to round if an edge is pinched together for a few seconds
    • Side brushes that don't come with screws
    • Side brushes that don't have stitching through the rubber
    • HEPA filters with coarser mesh behind the filter paper, or no mesh at all
    • No box for the "Replenishment" sets

    Sadly, price isn't a good indicator. Even the ones that cost full price have often been counterfeit sets.