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    Gina Piellusch
    What did you name your Roomba?
    Entry posted June 25, 2014 by Gina PielluschNewbie, last edited June 25, 2014 by iRobotYiNewbie 
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    What did you name your Roomba?

    I have had several Roombas.   Each of them has had a personality (even if that only exists in my head) and a name. 

    My first ones were Franklin and Jefferson as I was in awe of what Roombas could do and my house was like a new country.

    My next one for the shop was Roover as it followed me everywhere and would actively work to escape into some place it wasn't supposed to go!

    My current ones (560s) are Snow White and Prince Charming as they make my life closer to the fairytale I want it to be.

    My Scooba is called Ms. Holly --  she does twice the cleaning as the Roombas so I know she is female.


    I was reading post earlier and the owner referred to their Roomba as Gandalf.  Does everyone name their Roombas?





    • iRobotYi

      This is a great idea. I have stickied this topic.


      My Roomba 580 is called Rosie...I know, but hey why not right?

      My Braava is actually nameless. Maybe someone here can chime in on what to name him/her.

      • Stuart Till

        ha - what a laugh, great topic

        my girlfriend just named mine, "Robotina"

        (just like Rosie, but the names changed in other languages!  ;)

      • Ronald Augustine

        See the source image​we thought the same thing.  If we buy a iRobot Braava Jet we will name it Bender


          iRobot Braava jet


      • Tim Brookshaw

        I just got my first Roomba today, a 595. It was an impulse buy as it was $60 cheaper at Costco than Amazon, and got great reviews. 


        I have a German Shepherd named Heidi, and I love Wallace and Gromit, so DogoVac seemed an ideal name.


        I have a Dyson Animal, which stands in the corner and looks threatening, but unfortunately not to Heidi....

      • shannon hohman

        I just received my iRobot Roomba today and named him Mo from the Walle movie. This thing is awesome! although it scares my dog to death I think I want one for every room! Is there a model that uses voice commands? how cool would that be?? every time Mo docks himself I can almost imagine him chiming all done!

      • Nancy Albin

        Jose' & Maria

      • Jim Rice

        Reba Roomba smiley

      • Deke

        Just got one for my wife.  She named it Hazel!

      • Danelle Fox

        Just mine a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE him.  His name is Rudy. 

      • Wallace Kemp

        Roomie. Best roommate I ever had.

      • McGroarty

        I named mine "Spot," since "Clock" and "Schedule" didn't seem to fit so well.

      • Kosta

        We named ours Dustin.