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    Bob Grumbine
    Grounds Keeping Robot
    Entry posted December 9, 2014 by Bob GrumbineNewbie 
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    Grounds Keeping Robot

    Osteoarthritis is interfering with my further development of my Arboretum.  What I need is a "heavy lifting" kind of robot capable of doing tasks such as (1) unloading tons of ground rock from my pickup truck and placing them in an orderly manner where I need them; (2) rearranging piles of dirt and rocks for such purposes as my flood control channel and other general grounds maintenance including smoothing out rough areas in existing dirt and rock landscape; and (3) digging holes for me in the concrete like ground which is native to my land in the desert.  Ability to perform whatever other kinds of "heavy lifting" tasks might be needed around my place would be especially helpful as my own lifting capacity has diminished to less than 35 pounds and shoveling has impaired the functionality of the involved required elbow.  This would be something on the order of a "warehouseman" or "casual laborer" robot.  Personality is irrelevant.  Getting the required work done is all that matters.

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    lifting, shoveling, digging