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    David Lottenbach
    Some dirty floor areas remain untouched, while other clean...
    Entry posted September 5, 2015 by David LottenbachNewbie 
    Some dirty floor areas remain untouched, while other clean areas are treated 20 times

    As a proud first time owner of a Scooba, I expect the scooba 450 to do a perfect job on my terracotta tile kitchen floor (rectangular, regular layout without major obstacles).

    I have several major issues:

    - Scooba 450 is leaving out whole portions of the floor that are neither pre-soaked, scrubbed or squeegeed. 
      Other areas get about 5 passes, and there are areas where Scooba is persistently scrubbing with up to 20 
      passes. There is absolutely no correlation between the number of passes (zero to 20) and the level of dirt.
      Actually, the area with zero passes was the dirtiest.

    - We have floor heating (like most modern residences in Switzerland) so the separate squeegee cycle comes
      too late, i.e. the water after the scrubbing cycle evaporates beefore Scooba can squeegee. The result:
      ugly watermarks all over the floor.  We are using an irobot Brava to remove the leftover soapy sud layer, but 
      with  less than perfect results

    - The Scooba is only useful for single rooms. We have a little room adjacent to the kitchen, with direct access   
       (no doors). If we ask Scooba to do both rooms, it ends up doing the smaller room with endless scrubbing (but
        no squeegee action), and leaving the larger kitchen with only a few random scrubbing passes. Scooba then 
        boasts "I have finished cleaning" while in fact it has spare battery and spare clean liquid to go.

       Conclusion:  I am very disappointed by the cleaing results of this otherwise exciting robot.  It seems the control logic is  still very experimental.  

    I am not sure whether I should return the Scooba to the dealer ( I am still in the 30 day period relevant here in Switzerland) and ask my money back or whether I should trust that Irobot will sort out the control logic.

    DAVID LOTTENBACH, Zurich, Switzerland


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