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    Janelle Wills
    Improved-Upgraded 450 Scooba?
    Entry posted September 2, 2015 by Janelle WillsNewbie 
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    Improved-Upgraded 450 Scooba?

    Please tell us when a truly efficient scooba will be released?  Is anyone in engineering reading the suggestions?  Irobot has millions of fans wanting to know!  smiley

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    • MJ0023

      I agree with Janelle - I'm ready to purchase 3 Scoobas (for family and me) if Roomba fixes the major issues, and I would appreciate if we could have some idea when that is going to happen (such as "by December" or "two years"). For me, hands-down #1 issue is that when I use Roomba in a room that is the same size or less than recommended max, the net result should not be that - after 45 minutes - the dirty tank has at best 1/2 cup dirty water (usually far less), and often the clean tank has lots of water left (more than the dirty tank).  It's just not worth it to go through the hassle of charging and 45 minutes of the room off-limits and the noise (because the machine getting stuck so easily means you have to be in the house when it runs) just to wind up with the same result as if I threw half a cup of water on the floor and mopped it up.

      Icing on the cake would be:

      • automatic docking/recharging
      • stop getting stuck mid-cycle in the middle of the room for no reason or on the slightest bump
      • start timer
      • quieter
      • work with the "wall" function of the "Virtual Wall Lighthouse"