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    Robert Hencke
    Please make an iRobot lawnmower!
    Entry posted April 5, 2014 by Robert HenckeNewbie 
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    Please make an iRobot lawnmower!

    I know this isn't the exact right forum, but I would love to see iRobot make a lawnmower.  It would basically follow the same idea as the other iRobot products in terms of navigation, but... it would mow lawns.  I envision it as essentially an oversized Roomba-like device, with the same workings as an electric lawnmower internally.  Similar to the dust sensors on Roombas, you could have grass sensors to know if an area needs trimming or not.  To keep it from running amok and chasing down cars, you could include a wire you bury similar to an underground electric dog fence, to set the perimeter of what is safe to mow.

    If you guys can make robots for the defense industry that stand up to some insane conditions... I know you could definitely do one to handle the relatively mundane task of mowing lawns.  I'd buy one!

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    • iRobotYi

      Thank you Robert. Great idea!

      With all these wonderful suggestions, I am wondering if I should should make a new forum dedicated to suggestions as there have been many gret ideas from all of you.

      Thank you,

      Yi Liu

      iRobot Customer Care

    • Kathy Kult

      That's a great idea! However, I wonder what the pattern would look like when iRobot was done mowing. If it mows like a Roomba cleans floors, the pattern on the lawn would be all over the place! Unless, of course, the "pattern" doesn't show.

      But if a mowing pattern would show on the grass, perhaps iRobot could make a Lawnba that does specific mowing patterns... horizontal, vertical, diagonal, circular, checkerboard.... or maybe even mysterious crop circles?!? That would be kewl :-)

    • Gina Piellusch

      I'd buy one too! 

    • Helen Paquin

      Right there with you..  you would just need the perimeters marked out .. they don t have to be permanent.. just like you do with the floors... obviously you can t wait til the grass is taller than the Roomba, it could mulch as it goes so no raking.. waiting patiently.....