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    John/Becky Baughman
    My Roomba 880 starts flashing the "Dock" light...
    Entry posted August 27, 2016 by John/Becky BaughmanNewbie 
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    My Roomba 880 starts flashing the "Dock" light immediately after starting a job.

    My Roomba 880 has suddenly developed bizarre behavior.  I have it set to automatically start 5 days a week.  Just in the last week when it starts up after an overnight charge, it immediately shows a blinking "Dock" light.  It moves 4 or 5 feet from the dock and then immediately re-docks and shuts down.  This is not a battery problem.  If I unplug the dock immediately after Roomba starts up, it will run all over the house level and perform it's job for more than 1 ½ hrs. with the dock light flashing all the time.  Then it will finally die from low battery.

    Any ideas what this might be?


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