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    J.L. Allyn
    A Robot That Walks Without Motors or Electricity
    Entry posted May 27, 2015 by J.L. AllynNewbie 
    A Robot That Walks Without Motors or Electricity

    Sometimes we may not want our robots going places on their own.

    In this case, I developed a robot that walks without motors or electricity. She can also walk up/down steps and ramps and can sit down/stand up and stand on her own. See video of her walking at and

    This leaves the batteries for vital functions.

    Robot walks without motors or electricity Robot walks without motors or electricity Robots walk without motors or electricity

    There's a smartphone that is her brain with a custom assistant app that allows the robot to always listen, without the need to press a mic button or wake it up. She listens like a human and can comment on conversations around her.

    The assistant app also allows for custom programming of commands, replies, and the the robot can operate smart home HTTP devices just by asking her to. She can also perform a wide range of smart tasks.

    The lower walking portion can be mated with any other human-like robot upper body.

    More videos of her walking with me in various ways can be seen at Developmental photos are here

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