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    William Carlson
    Pre-Soaking Step Must Go!
    Entry posted May 4, 2015 by William CarlsonNewbie 
    Pre-Soaking Step Must Go!

     I added this as a comment to a similar post, but since IRobot asked me to post it, I'll post it separately as well.  And I am hoping other 450 owners with this issue comment to 1 or both of these posts.

    I have the same issue (no/little water in dirty tank) with the 450 that replaced my 390 - which was an amazing machine but had a wheel go bad. I bought the 450 in February 2015 and IRobot replaced it in April 2015 due to this problem of not having any or very little water in the dirty tank. I was informed that the new unit has updated programming (I was hoping the programming took out the "soaking" feature, but it didn't). However, the same issue continues. I was instructed recently via email to try it on a smaller section of the floor and did so, but that didn't work either. I recommended the following via email and they asked me to post my issue on this forum, but since you already posted about this, I'm adding it as a comment to your post: "I recommend going back to the programming of the previous Scooba. Maybe its just me, but I doubt anyone has a floor that is so dirty that it needs to be 'soaked' before cleaned. Especially when we have Scoobas, we probably wash our floors more often than most people anyway. The value of having the Scooba do all of its function as it makes the initial pass outweighs any soaking value and having to do a 2nd pass. And although the Scooba seems to have a pretty good pattern program, we know there will be some section of the floor missed. But I'd rather have it miss a small section completely than to lay down soap and then miss that section, leaving dried soap on the floor."

    I will be trying the no-soap idea for a few cycles that was recommended in another post here. With the 390 I rarely used soap anyway, but IRobot sent me a large bottle this time so I've been using it. If this doesn't work, I'll be considering returning the 450 and either searching for another manufacturer or waiting for their next version to come out- if it has the soak function removed.

    I too hope this is removed from future Scoobas, and even more so hope that the programming of the current Scooba can be updated to remove the soak function.