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    JC Zalog
    Mint 4200 Battery Life
    Entry posted August 31, 2014 by JC ZalogNewbie 
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    Mint 4200 Battery Life

    I've owned my Mint 4200 for a few months and love it.  Descriptions for the Mint say it has up to a 3 hour battery life. However, I only get between 30-40 minutes on a single full charge (solid blue light).  I only ever use the sweep mode, never the mop mode.  Is this battery life typical?  Is there something I can do to increase battery life?  Or is there something wrong with the battery?  



    • iRobotYi

      Hi JC,

      That should not happen if the Mint 4200 is only a few months old. Please call our support center 1-877-855-8593 and see if we can help you troubleshoot this issue.


      Yi Liu

      iRobot Customer Care