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    Audrey Novak
    Battery Charger Needed Desperately
    Entry posted May 8, 2015 by Audrey NovakNewbie 
    Battery Charger Needed Desperately

    Several things to say; 

    • I had similar issues to several other posters that the water was not filling the tank which was fixed with a new one they sent me at the end of March
    • Presoaking a the time the machine gets back to the area the presoak is dried up; and more importantly leaves a bit of a streak 
    • A battery charger is a must.  Most people I know clean their homes in one day; or at least wash their floors all at once.  I have 3 large size rooms and 4 small size rooms that I used to do manually in about 2 hours.  Now I have to spend all day waiting for the battery to charge to even do 1/2 the rooms and spread out the cleaning across 2 days.
    • In addition, I have 2 batteries; charge one; then charge the other so I can do 2 in a row...unfortunatley the battery doesn't hold the charge when removed so I have to still charge a 2nd battery that should be ready to go.  Good news is it only takes 30-45 mins instead of 2-3 hours but a battery should hold its charge as well when removed; at least for an hour or so.