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    Kelly Combes
    Charging base improvement. More runway!
    Entry posted October 7, 2015 by Kelly CombesNewbie 
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    Charging base improvement. More runway!

    I have a 770 that likes to push it's charging station around. It has to be against a wall in order to catch it. At times the Roomba turns it around while cleaning and can not return to charge. This has been a problem on carpet and hardwood floors.

    A longer "landing pad" would prevent this from being a problem. I built my own out of rigid sheet plastic to solve this issue.

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    • McGroarty

      Is there room to maybe add some rubber stopper stickies underneath for hardwood, or the hook part of some velcro adhesive strips for carpet?

    • Robert king

      The plastic 'foot' is a good idea.  I've tried wrapping a strip of lead (wrapped in duct tape) around the vertical part of the base, and that is moderately successful.  I've also just taped it to a wall with masking tape, which is a nuisance, but it works.