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    Sheree Chason
    Little monitor bot for home security (or keeping an eye...
    Entry posted October 10, 2014 by Sheree ChasonNewbie 
    Little monitor bot for home security (or keeping an eye on your cats)
    I was thinking to myself I would rather have a lil' ibot that I could move to multiple rooms and check on my cats instead of a fixed camera. Hopefully you can get at least one of your gadgets to a point that a person like me could get it not really for security but maybe to say get Toby or Baby to drop the flying squirrel that they just brought into the house. I really would like something like that for when I need to get away from the house for a day or two but want to see what mischief the 4 musketeers are up to.  Even when I am just at work and you get that weird feeling and you just want to make sure all is okay.  I also would like it because the idea of keeping a camera going just does not feel right (too much like big brother).  I do hope you have plans for that.