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    Virtual Wall Lighthouse Advanced User Explanation
    Entry posted July 25, 2014 by iRobotYiNewbie 
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    Virtual Wall Lighthouse Advanced User Explanation

    One of the most popular questions iRobot receives through support is with regards to our Virtual Wall Lighthouse(VWL) and their usage in homes.

    On our support page, we have an FAQ on the placement of the virtual wall lighthouse ( was hoping to create a thread for more users to discuss their experiences and how they use virtual walls.

    Some tips that I can provide from our own internal testing is listed below.

    1) Make sure your virtual wall lighthouses are at least 8 feet apart from each other

    2) The direction of the beam should always be towards the longer wall. This means that if the door is in a corner, make sure the beam is directed towards the side where there is more wall available. The can be seen in the diagram in our FAQ with the VWL between room 1 and 3. The reason why it is placed on that side is if you look at the yellow beams entering room 3, more of the beam will enter in its current configuration whereas if it is placed the other way, less of the beam will be in the room making it harder for the Roomba to detect the beam


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    • McGroarty

      The "compatibility" link on is broken.

    • McGroarty

      Do lighthouses work efficiently in branching arrangements? eg., if a room opens into a hallway with four rooms and each room has a lighthouse, will Roomba know not to re-clean the hallway each time it re-enters the hallway?

      Also, is there any consideration of cyclical arrangements? eg., if there are three rooms, and each of the three rooms opens to the two other rooms, should one of the openings have a wall instead of a lighthouse to prevent looping, or can Roomba conceptualize a loop and avoid following it?


    • Brandon Gordon

      I would also love to know if lighthouses work sequentially.  If I have 3 rooms which feed into one another A=>B=>C  and put a lighthouse at the entrance to B and the entrance to C, will the Roomba clean room A, then B, and then move on to C?  Will it return to A after cleaning B?  


      Or will it just get confused as it wasn't designed to handle sequential arrangements?  =)