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    Michael Chabler
    In Home Security AI System
    Entry posted May 22, 2015 by Michael ChablerNewbie 
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    In Home Security AI System

    There should be a way develop an AI security system to notify police in case of an in home invasion. Perhaps people's body chemistry changes under extreme stress, that could release a smell that sensors could pick up. Maybe iRobot​ could develop such a system for home security and name it "Philip" (for Philip Savopoulos, the boy who was murdered).

    If the sensors picked up the smell, it could activate cameras to send pictures to police, ahead of asking the occupants if everything is ok. That would override a coerced response.

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    • JIM KO

      My suggest is to update the firmware and app for irobot 980 to utilize its camera for surveillance. Either you can monitor your home from a smart app  to control your robot or this robot will go by itself around the designated area as a patrol. The vacuum sound will scare the intruder away.