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    John Svajda
    Braava Felt Wheel Pad Replacement
    Entry posted May 7, 2014 by John SvajdaNewbie 
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    Braava Felt Wheel Pad Replacement

    We love our Braava and own 3 of them.

    The first one we purchased is about 10 months old and the felt wheels need to be replaced as they have worn away and come completely off the unit.

    Your company is taking care of sending me a replacement so that makes me very happy; however, it would have been very simple to design this unit so that the customer could replace these pads themselves. I was told the cost to have your company replace them is $50!

    I own a very expensive vacuum cleaner yet I am allowed to replace the drive belt without sending the unit in for repair. I think you should look at how the consumer can buy replacement pads and design your unit so this is a customer serviceable item.


    John Svajda



    • iRobotSean

      Hi John,


      Thank you for this great suggestion.



      iRobot Customer Care

    • Jennifer Warren

      I just read this post as I am having the same problem and I would have to say that my mouth literally dropped when I read there's a $50 charge for replacement! How ludacris! I just received mine as a Christmas present not less than 6 months ago! To be charged a fee with less than one year of ownership is crazy!

    • Marlene Shelton

      I have a Mint 5200 and within a year, one wheel pad stretched out and the mint could no longer work.  The Mint was replaced but the warranty only was honored for the remainder of the year.  Of course the new mint quickly developed the same problem with both wheels and the warranty was no longer any good.  The Mint sat for a couple of years unusable.  I was pretty aggravated about this back then, I looked for a solution back then to no avail, but recently I researched the issue again.  I'm trying the o-rings home solution with O rings of 1 5/8 ID.  I got the 1/16 (10 for each wheel) and the 1/8  (5 on each wheel) and tried both.  The 1/16 worked best (10 o rings on each wheel).  It works very well with sweeping but when wet mopping, occasionally the wheels slide around when trying to back up. I really would like IRobot to provide wheel covers as an accessory purchase that I could install myself.  It wasn't that hard to remove the mint base to access the wheels.  Just use a magnetized screwdriver so the screws don't drop into a small opening.

    • Lia Massie

      I also have the same problem with one of my brava's wheel rubber. It become loose now. So it move bumpily. I just bought Brava 380t, 3 months ago. Is the replacement wheel rubber available to buy?