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    Roomba Preventative Maintenance
    Entry posted July 28, 2014 by iRobotYiNewbie 
    Roomba Preventative Maintenance

    The number one issue we see when a robot is behaving poorly is attributed to maintenance or oftentimes the lack there of.

    While there are definitely certain parts of the robot that do wear over time and need replacement, the core of the robot can last many years if taken care of.

    Within maintenance, the biggest culprit to a poorly functioning robot is the buildup of hair. Hair on brushes for instance causes the motor to work harder which has many implications such as depleting the battery faster due to more power is needed to turn the brushes. Even for non pet owners, there may be significant hair buildup over time especially if anyone in the family has long hair.

    For a guide on 800 Series Maintenance:

    For 700 Series Maintenance:

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